Who we are

The foundation of our business is based on our reputation. We deliver on time, every time.

Who we are

We are Troms Oil Tools, a local owned oil tool company located in the Northern part of Norway. Established in 2013, with focus on serving high quality oil tools to the oil and gas industry.

Based in Harstad, Norway, with warehouses in Harstad, Hammerfest and Stavanger. This in order to serve our clients wherever and whenever they need our oil tools to perform and execute their planned operations.

Registered in Achilles Id no.: 60289


Our story

Stian Nesslund Pedersen and Raimon Austgard founded Troms Oil Tools AS in 2013. The founders had first-hand experience and knowledge within the drilling and offshore industry.

The company was founded on an ambition to serve clients in the north, thereby reduce costs for operators, which would lead to higher activity in northern part of the Norwegian continental shelf.

Vision and commitment

Our vision for Troms Oil Tools is to be the chosen and most respected service provider to the energy industry.

Mission statement: Be a result-oriented oil tool company that reduce costs for operators, increase the activity and create values in the north.

We are:

  • Reliable
  • Transparent
  • Competent


Building business
by building reputation

What we do

We support your operation with high quality drill tools, whenever needed, wherever needed.

How we do it

In Troms Oil Tools AS we always focus on our customers. We wish to develop close, long-term relationships with our customers and develop together with them. So we can achieve better results together.

We are determined to deliver the best rental drill tools in the market, supporting our clients in their drilling program. We are capable of providing integrated services, utilizing in-house resources, close partners and our external network.

If we don’t have it, we will get it.


Troms Oil Tools AS manage and perform all aspects of our activities in a manner that will protect the health and maintain the safety of all employees, environment, equipment and operation.

Our objective is continuous improvement of the working environment, control and performance. All of our activities is planned and performed according to the Zero fault philosophy:

  • Zero personal injuries
  • Zero accidents
  • Zero damage to equipment
  • Zero operational disruptions

Our clients

Our clients are oil companies, drilling contractors, rig owners and other service companies that are in need of our oil tools to perform their drilling program.

Troms Oil Tools – Terms & Conditions


Our Services

Rental oil tools, meeting the strictest quality standards.

Rental services

Our main service is rental of oil Tools.

Our Tools will always be delivered according to the highest industry standards. Produced in Europe according to the NS-1 standard and inspected according to the NS-2 standard.

Our inventory is growing fast.

Rental tools

  • BX 4-50 Elevators
  • Bushing
  • Slips
  • Safety Clamps
  • Rig Tong


Located in Harstad, the heart of Northern Norwegian oil and gas industry, serving the increased activity on the Northern hemisphere.

We have warehouses in:
  • Stavanger
  • Harstad
  • Hammerfest

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Raimon Austgard

    General Manager

    About Raimon Austgard

    Raimon Austgard co-founded Troms Oil Tools AS together with Stian Nesslund Pedersen in 2013. Raimon has a broad network within the offshore industry, working on offshore projects and units world wide. Latest he held a position with Seabrokers in Stavanger as an offshore broker.
    Contact details to Raimon:
    E-mail: raimon@tromsoiltools.com
    Phone: +47 95 92 10 18
  • Testimonial

    Stian Nesslund Pedersen

    Technical and Sales Manager

    About Stian Nesslund Pedersen

    Stian Nesslund Pedersen have hands-on experience from the drill floor and have deep knowledge within all sorts of drill tools and equipment. Prior to founding Troms Oil Tools AS together with Raimon, he was a technical supervisor in an major oil service company located in Norway.
    Contact details to Stian:
    E-mail: stian@tromsoiltools.com
    Phone: +47 95 26 90 04

Get in touch with us

Contact Address

Asbjørns Selsbanes gate 2

9405 Harstad

PB 560, 9485 Harstad

Contact Details

raimon@tromsoiltools.com / +47 95 92 10 18
stian@tromsoiltools.com /+47 95 26 90 04

Office Hours

We`re not always in the office,

but we are available 24/7.